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RealityRemod is the new, innovatie and revolutionary Augmented Reality App for the Covering Materials market.

Available for the Android and iOS tablets, AugmenTile will let you get the image of the scene, and easily replace floors and walls.

Ideal for the end-user, who can play at home with many items coming from the most important Companies, and establish a connection with the Company itself.
Very useful tool for the salesforce of the Company, who can also provide Architects and Designers a new tool for their daily use.
Wish to have your collections listed in RealityRemod?
App will be available for free download starting from CERSAIE on the AppStore, and October on GooglePlay.
It'll contain collections coming from the most important Companies in the Ceramic Tiles, Hardwood (Parquet), Marble and Carpet (rugs) industries.
If you are a Company, and would like to host your products in RealityRemod, contact us writing to:  [email protected].
RealityRemod is a Patent Pending technology
Make your own App
If you are a Company, contact us in order to create a customized Augmented Reality App, using the innovative RealityRemod technology. 

Click here to connect to AppStore and download Porcelanosa Viewer .