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The ideal App for Agents and the Marketing Team,
Merchandising Configurator is an App made for the sales team who needs to create orders and merchandising configurations for the showroom. You can select samples, catalogues and displayers, configuring them in detail with compatible panels.
The innovative system for configuring the displayer, allows you to quickly and efficiently select the panels available for the container.
For each showroom you can create unlimited orders and mapping configurations; qr-codes can dramatically speed up the mapping procedure.
Why is important for the Manufacturer?
You can always keep up-to-date your merchandising catalogue, and share it with your sales team everywhere in the world
Orders and mapping configurations can be sent to (and automatically loaded in) the CRM
Mapping configurations give you the detailed picture of the way your merchandising is placed in the showroom
You can complete your stats receiving mapped configurations of your competitors, in order to check them time to time

Why is it important for the sales team?
They have available an up-to-date merchandising catalogue on their tablet
Thanks to a detailed profile system, they can download only what they need
For each showroom, they collect the history of the orders on their iPad
App can host many catalogues, in case of multiple brand companies
Customers will realize the evolution of this critical service