Share your projects with anyone in the world

DomuS3D.Box allows you to visualize 360° Panoramas of your projects by using the recent smartphones and tablets. A useful companion for your DomuS3D®, in order to collect projects on your device, or share them with colleagues and/or end-users.
  •  Available on iOS and Android systems
  •  App is free, and can be downloaded from AppStore or GooglePlay
  •  Single Panoramas can be exported from within the standard DomuS3D®
  •  Multiple Panoramas and materials pop-up are available only if you have processed TouchFly
My DomuS3D.Box
If you want that the project you're gonna share will be confidential, you can send it as an e-mail attachment.
Indeed, if you want your Company to share it with the world, you can take advantage of the so called service: My DomuS3D.Box , that Maticad provides for free to the PRO customers who own a recent version of DomuS3D®, so that they can show the world the quality of their design service.