is leader in creating technologies for interior design, specific for the Ceramic Tiles and Sanitary ware industries.
We have been developing for more than 20 years professional applications for the interior design, Apps to market covering materials on the most diffused smartphones and Tablets, and WebApps to share catalogues and projects on the Cloud.





 3D interior design software for Manufacturers and Showrooms; powerful room planner and floor design software, contains real catalogues from tiles manufacturers. Integrated with Tile Planner... more
 It is the DomuS3D® companion App, that allows you to visualise 360°Panoramas of the project. Available as free App for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets... more
 Online interior design software; ultimate technology for the small Point of Sale and for the Company, helps to engage those customers who want to dream their new home... more
RealityRemod is an App that allows you to change your floor and walls applying new Cearmic Tiles and covering materials... more

Designer Software 


DomuS3D® is the interior design and estimating leader software in the covering materials, furnishing and sanitaryware market, used by most important retailers, designers, architects all over the world. From design to estimate, a powerful tool to get higher closing rates within the show-room, and to convey products arranged in catalogues that are constantly updated and available on-line.
DomuS3D® allows you to draw or import a layout (blueprint) by displacing rooms with simple drag&drop actions in the design area. In the same way, it is possible to place lots of 3D furnishing elements in the room, loading them from a rich products library that allows you to decorate any kind of living space, including exteriors.

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It’s the leading 3D interior design software in Ceramic Tiles and Sanitary Ware markets, being widely used by most important Manufacturers and Retailers all over the world.
An integrated system that allows you to design customised solutions, promoting materials such as ceramic tiles, hardwood, stone, sanitary ware, furnishing.
Catalogues inside: Maticad Catalogues Department is involved day by day in setting up and keeping up-to-date most important catalogues. The 3D objects library contains many thousands of items; you can download them from the DomuS3D® Cloud. Catalogues Department continuously work in order to keep them up-to-date.
More than 300 laying schemes (patterns) are available with installation, and new ones can be downloaded from the Cloud. They will allow you to create multi-format patterns with just a few clicks.
Thanks to dedicated laying features (e.g., vertical laying, frames, shower box corners, inner areas, countertops and steps..) you can create any solution you need, no matter if it is a quick&simple or a detailed one.
Anywhere in the project you can print detailed technical printouts for floor and walls, and the project estimate. Technical blueprint for the installer module allows you to automatically generate a complete brochure with all needed information for a detailed installation.
Attachments: together with the project you can save any document related to the customer (email, PDF, images, Excel spreadsheets, etc…)
The best result if considering project images can be achieved through the rendering of the scene. The final effect you will get is really emotional and absolutely realistic. DomuS3D® gives you the power of the world leading rendering engines (V-Ray and mental ray®), made easy for the daily use thanks to sophisticated interfaces, so that anyone can achieve stunning images.
360° Panoramas can be shared on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets thanks to a dedicated, free App: DomuS3D.Box.


Retailers and Showrooms

Professional interior design software using items of your own catalogue, mobile Apps to let sales team managing the merchandising catalogue, WebApps to enrich the Company's web site... Maticad has a huge experience solving the Manufacturer's needs in using cutting edge technology for marketing the products in a more efficient and engaging way; it is, in fact, official provider for the most important Manufacturers in the world in the Ceramic Tiles industry.
We love to brain ideas that can transform the traditional Point of Sale in something where the best technology softly meets classic and modern materials; Showroom evolves to a modern concept, more professional and more engaging, where design and virtual reality help the salesmen and let the end-user feeling that he/she's receiving a qualified and inspiring service. We couldn't do that if we wouldn't be able to grant Retailers up-to-date catalogues from the most important Companies.


End Users

Establishing a partnership with the Point of Sale can complete the service that Showroom and Architects can offer together to the end-user. We point DomuS3D® and DomuS3D.Box as the best opportunity to connect each other and share everyone's skills and expertise.
DomuS3D.Box gives you hundreds of examples shared by the most important Manufacturers. 
TilePlanner is a funny online design tool that allows you to easily draw bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, living-rooms ... using trendy materials. You can also establish a connection with the nearest Showroom in your area (Point of Sale availability may vary in each country).

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